Laser League Q&A Guide

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What is Laser League?
Laser League is the future of sport! A light-speed futuristic team-based competition where teams compete in international stadiums to eliminate their rivals activating powerful laser walls.

Athletes will combine their spectacular augmented abilities to dominate the pitch with teamwork, skill and strategy.

Welcome to 2150, claim you place on the Podium and in History.

Known for the award-winning OlliOlli series and Not A Hero, Roll7 bring their trademark addictive gameplay to an original vision of near-future competition.

Like all great sports it is immediately understandable, but rewards dedication with deceptively complex strategic possibilities. Find the perfect blend of classes for your team, and wage neon war online or with up to eight players around a single screen.

How can I play a part in the beta?
Head over to and sign up! It’s as simple as that. There will be multiple opportunities prior to our Early Access launch to check out Laser League, so be sure to register now to be in with a chance.

How will I know if I’ve been chosen?
Keep your eyes peeled for an email from us.

When will the first beta take place?
For the first test we will open servers in Europe and North America ONLY from Friday Oct 27th at 14:00 UTC until Sunday at 02:00 UTC.

I’ve been selected! How do I get in the game?
1. Check that you meet the minimum system requirements on Steam.
2. Redeem your key on your Steam account and install Laser League.
3. Notice the new addition in your games library!
4. Your game will update and you will be able to connect to the game on Oct 27th, 14:00 UTC
5. We strongly suggest that you play with an Xbox controller.
6. We recommend playing the Tutorial before going Online.

How do I get a match going on?
• Press any button on the game logo screen.
• Press “Play Online” on the Main Menu screen
• Select “Standard. 3v3” mode.
• You will be able to customize your character (class and modifier, kit, portrait, emojis, laser pattern) while the system automatically finds a match for you. Make sure you try out all the classes and see which suits your playstyle best.

What are these ‘classes’?
Your character class determines your special ability in game, which you can activate once it’s charged. There are six in this Field Test version:

Unleash a short-range attack which will immediately eliminate an opponent.

Deploy a longer range dash attack, sending hit opponents flying across the pitch

Drop a marker, see a tracer line to it drawn on the pitch, and teleport back to it – eliminating anyone in your path

Activate for a few seconds of invincibility, to safely grab lasers or revive team mates

Steal a laser node that’s been activated by the opposition

Each class also has two ‘modifiers’ which subtly change their effect – experiment and see what suits you best.

Can I select a map to play on?
No, the game does that for you. There are four maps in this Field Test version, each with a different gameplay style. The longer you stay alive, the more chaotic they become:

BATTLEGROUND – Shooting! Multiple short firing nodes.
On this map you’ll experience intense end-to-end projectile combat

PRIME – Interlocking. Expand control by owning the centre.
You will have to monitor the rhythm of the fast swirling lasers while attempting to control the crucial centre point

CRUSHER – Pressure! Short moving lasers to trap opponents.
Crank up the pressure and trap your rivals in the short, moving lasers

Y CONTROL – Orbiting. Long central lasers. Short rotating ones.
Three-pronged lasers will provide an entirely different evasion problem

Is this the full game? Will I be able to save my progress?
Not quite, on this first session we want you to play 3v3 matches on a small selection of the future available maps on our international stadia. You will be able to progress, climb the leaderboards and unlock new character models, player kits, Laser patterns, emojis, etc but we’ll likely wipe servers through our Beta and Early Access programs until we release the final version on Steam. The skills you learn will stand you in good stead for when the real thing gets going.

What if I come across a bug while playing the beta? How do I report it to the team?
We’ve set up a handy Laser League bug reporting form, which can be found here… When reporting issues, please provide the team with as much information as you can.

Can I post or share info, images, videos, etc of the game?
Not yet, please. When you install the game, you agree to be bound by our Non-Disclosure Agreement. Please read the EULA conditions when you launch the game on Steam.

While the game is functional, it is not yet ready for public release. During this Field Test, we will be analyzing and working on the servers, matches and player performance. You may experience latency and server complications, and you may see issues, content and features that don’t make it into the final product. Please, do not make your experiences public outside the official Steam forums unless specifically authorized by 505 Games. We appreciate your cooperation on this front.

If you wish to seek permission to publish or share info outside of the Official game forum on Steam, please, write to

But I have more questions… and suggestions!
Join the Laser League Steam forums and talk to us there! We’ve set up a sub-forum specifically for giving us feedback, which is open to those who are part of the beta. We’ll be listening, so please be as detailed as you can with the suggestions and feedback you give us.