Laser League Open Beta Starts Friday 26 January

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You gave us your thoughts we’re responding… Laser League is heading into Open Beta… This weekend!

Get ready to dive into the unprecedented, multiplayer future sports thrill of Laser League, as new and returning players are welcomed into a content-rich Open Beta on Steam, from Friday 26 until Sunday 28 January.

Selected players from all over the world have already experienced the thrilling excitement of the future of sport. Now it’s your turn! What’s more… Take part in the Open Beta this weekend and get exclusive bonus items for the game! Check them out below!

This latest test is the most comprehensive to date, packing in 3 impressive international stadiums and a total of 12 intensely challenging maps to master. 6 player classes are available, with special abilities and modifiers, fully customizable characters and 2v2 and 3v3 matches.

Will you be joining us? We hope so!


Beta will officially open servers in Europe, North America, Russia and South-East Asia from Friday 26 at 0900 PCT / 1200 EST / 1700 GMT until Sunday 28 at 2200 PST / (Monday) 0100 EST / (Monday) 0600 GMT.

How do I get in the game?
1. Browse for “Laser League Beta” on Steam on Friday 26.
2. Click on “Install Now”
3. Launch the game from your library.
4. We strongly suggest that you play with an Xbox controller.
5. We recommend paying close attention to the Tutorial video on boot to learn the basics. Or better still, play the in-game Tutorial!

How do I get a match going on?
1. Press any button on the game logo screen.
2. Press “Play Online” on the Main Menu screen
3. Select “Standard. 3v3” or “Duel.2v2” mode.
4. You will be able to customize your character (class and modifier, kit, portrait, emojis, laser pattern) while the system automatically finds a match for you. Make sure you try out all the classes and see which suits your playstyle best.

What are these ‘classes’?
Your character class determines your special ability in game, which you can activate once it’s charged. There are six in this Open Beta version:

• BLADE: Has a short-range attack which will eliminate an opponent.
• SMASH: A longer-range dash attack, which sends a hit opponent flying across the pitch.
• SNIPE: Drop a marker, see a tracer line to it drawn on the pitch, and teleport back to it – eliminating anyone in your path
• GHOST: Activate for a few seconds of invincibility, to safely grab lasers or revive team mates
• THIEF: Steal a laser node that’s been activated by the opposition
• SHOCK: Area of effect electric shock that stuns rivals.

Each class also has two ‘modifiers’ which subtly change their effect – experiment!

Can I select a map to play on?
No, the game does that for you. There are 3 stadiums and 12 maps in this Open Beta version, each with a different gameplay style. The longer you stay alive, the more chaotic they become.


• GAUNLET: Restrictive. Quickly escalates in complexity.
• NINE CLUB: Hypnotic. Slow escalation with space for combat.
• SPIN CYCLE: Defensive. Perpetual long lasers.
• ARROWHEAD: Mesmeric. Slowly shifting border.

GENG HAO MEGAPLEX (Tianjin, China)
• CRUSHER: Pressure! Short moving lasers to trap opponents.
• WARZONE: Shooting. Multiple short firing nodes.
• BATTLEGROUND: End to End. Multiple long-beamed nodes.
• RICOCHET: Hectic. Figure of eight moving nodes.

• CAROUSEL: Clockwise. Slow escalation with Space for combat.
• Y CONTROL: Orbiting. Long central lasers. Short rotating ones.
• PRIME: Interlocking. Expand control by owning the centre.
• ROTATOR: Restrained. Close combat with deadzones

Will I be able to save my progress?
You will be able to progress, climb the leaderboards and unlock new character models, player kits, Laser patterns, emojis, etc but we’ll wipe servers through our Beta and Early Access programs until we release the final version on Steam. Laser life is tough!

Can I post or share info, images, videos, etc of the game?
Yes, you can capture, share and stream! but, please, bear in mind that during this Open Beta, we will be analyzing and working on the servers, matches and player performance. You may experience latency and server complications, you may encounter issues and be exposed to content and features that may be modified or removed from the final version of the game. We appreciate your cooperation on this front.

Any known issues I should know about?
– Some users get a green screen on boot caused by a driver issue. Switch to Borderless in graphics options to fix.
– Ensure all Party members are loaded to the main menu before progressing to matchmaking. If one of your Party is still watching the intro video, you may get a crash.
– Avoid making changes in the Options Menu once an online game is in progress. If you want to make changes to video settings etc, do those on the main menu before matchmaking.

But I have more questions… and suggestions!
Join the Laser League Steam forums and talk to us there! We’ll be listening…